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Big and bold, these huge subs come in any length you'd like - from three feet up to 1,000 feet and more! Each foot feeds 4-6 people so it's easy to order your Party Sub by the foot.

4 to 6 people
per foot of Sub.

per foot.

Comes in multiples of 3 feet

Sandwich Platters

Choose your favorite Subway sandwiches served as four-inch protons on our freshly baked bread with all the trimmings. A great way to offer variety for your gatherings.

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Small serves
6-9 people

Large serves 15-18 people


Meat and Cheese

The main course that satisfies even the biggest party sized appetite. Tender slices of turkey breast, roast beef and ham. Plus, two kinds of cheese.  Don't forget mustard and mayonnaise. Served with freshly made bread.

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Regular serves 10-12 people


SUBWAY to GO! Meals

Lunch Box

You'll be a winner when you order these convenient box lunches. Your choice of any cold 6" sandwich, chips, and any cookie.  Can Sodas are also available.

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Each box serves one person, order as many as you need!

$6.50 Each


Sweet indulgence! Terrific chocolate chip cookies and other tempting varieties, all baked fresh in the store.

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Reg. / 12 pc.


Large  / 36 pc.


Our stores are consistently ranked in the Top 5 in catering sales in the NATION.  We pride our selves with the utmost quality control and dedication to providing a great experience.  We provide the total package including plates, napkins, knives, drinks, & deserts.  We have catered events in the past for the Los Angeles Avengers, Los Angeles Marathon, Los Angeles Auto Show, Clear Channel, KNX 1070 Radio, UCLA Events and Meetings, USC Events and Meetings, Fraternities, Sororities, Revlon Run & Walk for Breast Cancer, UCLA tennis Association, Rose Bowl, CHS Hospital, Ect.

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